Analyst Report: Software Is The Silent Killer Of Your Budget

Analyst Report: Software Is The Silent Killer Of Your Budget

Tropic Looks Back at 2021

What an amazing year we’ve had at Tropic. I’m supremely grateful to every single customer, partner, investor, advisor and employee for believing in our vision. Seriously, thank you. 

We are very happy to have experienced over 500% growth across all important categories, including customers, internal headcount, and company revenue. We raised a Series A, filled out our leadership team, and released some exciting new software, all of which is a testament not only to the magnitude of the inefficiencies that have been plaguing the procurement space, but also to the excitement surrounding innovation.

If you have used Tropic in the past two years, thank you for putting your faith in us and trying something new. We are committed to continuing to transform the broken process for software procurement, and we will continue to rely on your feedback and insights to do so effectively. 

And we’re just getting started.

We have some very big announcements coming up in the next few weeks that we can’t wait to share with you, but for now we want to look back at all we accomplished this year.

In the next year, you can expect significant product releases, continued growth, and some other big announcements. We’re also hiring for many different positions if you’re interested in seeing what Tropic is all about here.

We make SaaS manageable by putting in the hard work.