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Introducing Tropic Discover: Market Intelligence For Software Buyers

Product for Assisted Purchasing by Tropic

Meet your turnkey procurement team​

Assisted Purchasing saves you time, money and gives access to unmatched experience working with the vendors your company relies on.​

Companies around the world trust Tropic to handle their software purchasing​

Contract organization done for you

Tropic tracks down your scattered software contracts. Contracts are imported and key information is extracted for you.​

Click to approve data-driven strategies

Lean on Tropic to execute a cost-effective purchase that meets your requirements and more. Just share your shopping list, and we’ll handle the rest.​

Sit back while we handle coordination and communication​

Getting a contract signed takes hours. Tropic manages all interactions between stakeholders, teammates and vendors, automating nearly all of the work you were previously doing to buy software and manage renewals. ​

Close deals — always on your terms​

Our team enforces your procurement, finance and IT requirements on your behalf. You’ll get to 100% compliance overnight.​

Consider us a part of your team​

Your team can rely on Tropic to answer questions and to enforce your organization’s requirements.​

“Who needs to approve this contract?”

“Do we already use this vendor?”

“Should this company sign an NDA?”

“When should we start the renewal process?”

“What are some other vendors we may be able to use?”

“What should our pricing be for this SaaS platform?”

Tropic has everything you need to manage software purchasing and renewals


Tropic works with your stakeholders to collect contracts


Key data is automatically extracted


Every SaaS contract is available in one location


Never worry about teammates saving contracts correctly. Tropic does it for you

We manage contracts for high-growth companies around the world