Solutions for Procurement by Tropic

Solutions for Procurement by Tropic

Supercharge your procurement team

Extend your procurement efforts with strategic resources on demand, and empower your team with benchmark data and playbooks for thousands of vendors.

Coverage for 100% of your contracts

Too many software vendors to manage them all? Choose where you need to use Assisted Purchasing, so every contract is processed by procurement, no matter the size.

Access to the data you’ve dreamt of

Tropic completes hundreds of deals every month. This produces benchmarks, playbooks and insights that inform your sourcing efforts.

Power efficient procurement processes

Delight your contract stakeholders with a suite of easy-to-use tools that help you maintain process compliance. Tropic is the platform procurement teams use to manage buying and renewing software.

A fully integrated suite of procurement products and services


Find new vendors and optimize your SaaS stack

Purchase Requests

Standardize purchasing and renewal processes for every team

Contract Management

Organize contracts, extract key data and never miss another renewal

Assisted Purchasing

End-to-end software procurement services led by our team of experts


Streamline internal approval processes and templatize your workflows

Spend Control

Monitor software usage to know when your spend will increase or decrease

Every procurement leader’s top 3 questions answered

You are likely already negotiating on your own and certainly could continue should you choose to. We support you with Tropic Strategic Buyers, who are seasoned negotiators with deep knowledge on the software industry. Our Buyers repeatedly handle a high volume of contract negotiations for major enterprises in a variety of industries, giving us insights into how to get to the best deals quickly.

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