Analyst Report: Software Is The Silent Killer Of Your Budget

Analyst Report: Software Is The Silent Killer Of Your Budget


Announcing our Exclusive Partnership with Procurement Foundry

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Procurement Foundry, the world’s leading sourcing community. 

Their CEO Mike Cadieux is the most knowledgeable person we’ve ever met in the field of procurement, and he has assembled an incredible network of world class procurement professionals from across the globe. Procurement Foundry is the place for procurement professionals to find and collaborate with like-minded peers on the modern challenges sourcing teams face.

In our partnership with them, we are enriching Procurement Foundry’s already unrivaled knowledge base with our data and providing Tropic at a discount for all Procurement Foundry members. We will also be offering special services and info in upcoming events.

We see this as a natural marriage between the most innovative community of professionals in the procurement sector, and the products and services Tropic offers to make life easier for these folks.

Stay tuned for more announcements on how we will be collaborating with Procurement Foundry. 

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